Thursday, May 30, 2013

Post Sickness.

So i feel so proud of myself, as this is a great 1st for me.  Might be small to others but big for me so i need to put it out there.

We had fish and chips, from our local shop.  The kids and husband love it. I make Veggies or a salad to go with it &  I usually get the fish grilled for me and i splash out and eat some chips too.  But i passed on the chips and steamed a potato instead.  I felt so proud of my decision & i felt good knowing i wasn't eating the deep fried chips!

Since my bout of sickness last week i've been feeling a bit cleansed and  feeling a bit nervous to eat all foods again, so i'm so i'm turning it into a postive and going as 'clean eating' as i can.  I lost 5 kilos last week, so i'd love to work with that and watch my food really carefully, particullarly this week as i'll give Gym a break still and might go on the weekend and start next week back to normal gym workouts.

It was not fun being sick :-(

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