Sunday, October 2, 2011

Facebook's Handmade Gift Status for 2011

In January this year on facebook there was a status going around, saying that if you commented on the status that lovely person would send you something Handmade :-) Then in return I copied the status into page and then so on.....

So a lovely friend of mine Juanita commented saying she would love something Handmade - So as you can see it has taken me 9 months to make it but i am so happy with how it turned out and i hope that my friend loves it :-)

I made very simple christmas bunting, as you can see from the photo :-) Just Red and Green Material, Cream Bias Binding and for the lettering i just used a Fabric Pen and some Letter Stencils i had in my Scrapbooking stuff!! At both ends of the wording there is more plain red/green bunting flags.