Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bella's Job Chart

Firstly I would like to say this is the link to the blog I got my inspiration from - Thanks so much Nat

So i loved my friend Nat's new way of doing her kids job charts.  We had a laminated sheet, but overall the motivation for Bella to do the jobs she is required do was lacking somewhat, I was struggling to find what motivated her to do them, Money was not doing it anymore, she used to get pocket money if she completed so many ticks on her job chart each week, but weeks were going by, jobs not done and money not earnt....

So on to something new - I will give an allowance of pocket money each week and the completing of jobs will be rewarded with 'things she likes to do' = DS time, ABC 3 time, Littlest pet Shop, Dolls House or whatever play is popular that particular day or week.

I started with an old canvas I had, some leftover material from the bunting from her room makeover, clear pins, scrapbooking paper scraps in her room colours of Aqua, Purple & lime green.  You can see I printed out the job labels too!  Then just stapled the material on, pinned the job labels, I think after Bella has completed a job she can turn it over so then it's easy to see what jobs need to be done and when she goes to bed I can just turn them all over ready for the new day!  I also found i had some pretty silver glitter lettering stickers in my scrapbooking stash, and they made for a pretty label!

Finish Product = Bella loves it :-)  So I am happy, let's hope it improves the motivation to do the jobs!!!



 I made the Kaiser Craft "large stationary organiser" I got mine from Spotlight and all the matching Kaiser Paper range came from my local scrapbooking shop!  Then i just added the photos to it, as we took so many lovely ones before my brother and sister-in-law left for Canada!  Photos make these projects just so much more special :-)  
The cake was chosen by Bella, actually came from the original woman's weekly kids cake cookbook.  But we have adapted the colours from green and red to purple.  This is just such a simple cake.

Happy Birthday to my Mum!  Every Mum deserves to feel special :-)  So this is is what I did for Mum this year.