Tuesday, August 20, 2013


So for another Random Act of Kindness i purchased a few non perishable items, Cordial, Tinned Soup & Tinned desserts that were on special at Woolworth s.  I had a note prepared, placed the items in a bag with RAOK note attached, left it in a trolley in a trolley bay.

So hopefully that next someone to get that trolley at Brookeside shopping centre would have found my bag of goodies :-)

I haven't made plans for Number 4 yet but i have a few ideas, so i'll be sure to post the #4 :-)


This random act of kindness was a special one, i enjoyed doing this one.  I have another lovely friend who is a fabulous single mummy.  She was having a couple of weeks with out her daughter, so going from cooking for 2 to 1 is often a challenge.  I know myself it's harder to motivate cooking for 1 person.  So she wasn't eating all that much.

So again on my menu i made sure i made a yummy chicken stir-fry with noodles and made extra.  That next day i packaged up some and included a yummy treat of a freddo frog.  Passed it on to her and it was very appreciated.  Again i love giving, it's so nice making others happy!


I put out my 1st Random act of Kindness a while ago, I'll tell you about it in a minute.  But i have been inspired to do more after reading a wonderful blog post about a lady who did lots of them & also reading the Aldi Mum page as lots of members there do lots of lovely RAOK in their own local Aldi stores.

A couple of my mum friends have kids who dance/cheer-leading and they were heading away for what would be a very expensive weekend away on the school holidays.  So with all the high costs, i got to thinking about how lovely a cooked meal would be for them and after a long day and 6 kids in tow i was sure it would be appreciated.  A simple quiche was on my menu for them, Kids would eat it, goes lovely with a salad and glass of wine for the Mum's :-)

Made it one afternoon, day before they were leaving, It was still warm out of the oven and i popped around to my friends house and surprised her with the RAOK.  How i love to give, i love the surprise and happiness it brings.