Monday, April 12, 2010

Back to Reality

I love going away on holidays, but it's always so hard to come home....and i hate unpacking. Worse still that today is Monday, Dan is back at work, and the unpacking is still not finished. I am very grateful though that today is a pupil free day so at least the school stuff holds off for one more day!

Our holiday away was fantastic, we all went to Alexandra Headlands with my parents and my brother & fiance. The Mirage is a beautiful place to stay. Mum & Dad booked us all a great 3 bedroom rooftop apartment. Plus the resort had a few swimming pools (which our water baby bella loved), Tennis Court, Playground & a Gym (i was really good and went to it lots :-).)

Family are so important, I treasure the memories that family holidays like this create. I have declared this my year of the family, as my close freinds will discover as the year rolls on and thier birthdays come around and they recieve the wonderful pieces i have been working on for them. I love my family xoxo, treasure all the moments you have together! This is the website of the great resort, we would recommend to anyone.