Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Lost Present!!!

I am very frantic this evening as i have lost my best friends birthday present....arrgghhh.

I hid it away as she came to my house last school holidays, i remember saying to myself i'll put it away somewhere safe and not obvious so she does not see it accidently. Problem is i can't find it anywhere, i don't even remember what bag it is in. I do remember it's a ring box and earring pouch.

I have made a huge mess in the bedroom pulling out the bottom of our wardrobe and it's currently still on the floor, Dan is not very happy with me for that. I have also been through every possible space in my craft room (which is where i was positive i would find it).

Any hints on how to find something on a deadline?? I have to have it in the post to send to her by sunday evening post pickup, so that it will reach her by Wednesday.

I am going frantically mad.......

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