Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baking with Bella

  Bella has a wonderful Book of Billie B Brown http://www.billiebbrown.com and in this book is a recipe for Gingerbread.  We finally had the time to have
 fun in the kitchen and bake some!

 For her birthday she got a Junior Master chef apron/hat pack, she was very excited to finally wear them to cook in!

 Adding in the golden Syrup!

 Cracking the Egg :-) 
 Sifting the Flour!  That Tupperware sifter is so easy for her to use :-)

 Cutting out the gingerbread shapes, she chose flowers, hearts, stars, mini gingerbread men and a large gingerbread men cutter.
 Now for the icing.  Chocolate of course! :-)

Taa Daa ..... Gingerbread cookies all finished!  They tasted so yummy.  Bella did a great job in the kitchen!

Try Billie's Super-Dooper recipe for

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