Monday, March 21, 2011

So out go the invitations......

Only 3 weeks till Bella's 7th Birthday Party. Ryan and Bella have to take turns on party years so this is her turn to have a party.

It's decided that this year will be a cooking party for her & 7 friends :-) (i have some lovely mummy helpers coming along too)

The inspiration for this party is coming from a lovely book by Annabel Karmel - Mummy & Me Cookbook.
Above is the photo of the cute invitations on wooden spooons. I created the cupcake shape and printed them on pretty papers. I am looking forward to hearing how Bella's friends liked the invitations. Bella is so excited about giving them out today to her friends :-)
I will blog more about the decorations and party food and games :-)
Have a great day!!


  1. Very cool Amy :)
    Did her friends love them?

  2. Hey Katherine,
    Yes the girls loved the invitations & so did the mum's as well :-)