Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Alphabet of feelings

This is my ABC's of Amy's feelings on a Wednesday!!! Just something random that i felt like putting out to my dear blog :-) Enjoy the read.......

A is for Anger

B is for Banana, Ryan's faveourte fruit

C is for Chat, i loved my 1st time in the sunny mummy sisterhood!!!

D is for Dan, i love my husband :-)

E is for Eat, love, Pray. I am loving the book & can't wait to see the movie

F is for finding true love xx

G is for girls

H is for Hood, Go the sunny sistas

I is for IPod, i wish i had one!

J is for Jane

K is for Karen - my mum xx

L is for Love

M is for Motherhood :-)

N is for Nerves

O is for Organisation

P is for Parenthood

Q is for Quince paste, i love it with cheese and crackers.

R is for Ryan, my baby who is nearly 1!!

S is for Sunny Mummy, i love to shine!!!

T is for Time

U is for Understanding

V is for Valley, have had some awesome times out in the valley :-)

W is for Wotif, i love finding cheap accomodation

X is for X-Ray, i have had a few of these in my life so far!

Y is for Youtube, a great place to waste away the time!

Z is for the Z in Kassazz Scrapbooking

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  1. Thanks Amy! I'm reading Eat, Pray, Love (finally) too, and loving it! You'll have to blog about your 'Sunny Sisters', sounds intriguing ;)